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0,586562 $
0.00002106 BTC
1.069.386.474 $
Volume (24h)
56.786.849 $
Circulating Supply
1.824.389.061 MANA
Total Supply MANA

Decentraland fiyatı, şu an 0,586562 $ ve piyasa değeri 1.069.386.474 $ ‘dır. Decentraland ‘in piyasa fiyatı, son 24 saatte 0.55% oranında değişti. Günlük hacmi 56.786.849 $ ile tüm kripto para birimleri arasında 49. sırada yer alıyor.

Decentraland nedir?

Decentraland (MANA) is an ERC-20 token developed on the Ethereum blockchain. It provides the user with a virtual reality environment where they can explore Decentraland, buy and sell land, view various districts, create/publish their content on Decentraland and monetize it. Users have complete rights over the content created or published on Decentraland. The user which own land on Decentraland can control what content can be published on his land. Content can range from static images to games or videos.

Decentraland was created by Ari Melich and Esteban Ordano who also created Bitcore and Streamium. The team consists of 8 other members including core developers, marketers, and illustrators. The team is assisted by three advisors

The purpose of Decentraland is to provide a virtual reality environment or a simulation of the real world. People can buy sell the lands, MANA is the token that can be used for financial transactions on Decentraland.

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